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What We Do


Real Estate
Small and Medium Enterprises

Globalcorp provides advisory services in the Asian Real Estate space. We specialise in Commercial & Industrial real estate, including office buildings, hotels, factories and development plots across Asia.

We help companies that are looking to raise capital, by sourcing for and evaluating the strategic value of potential investors/buyers.

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs grow their own ideas and visions into successful companies with fundraising and networking guidance.

For startups, having the right investor with an aligned philosophy is one of the key reasons for future success. Beyond simply being a source of cash, the investor must also be able to provide strategic value to the startup. Globalcorp helps startups in their fund-raising process, by scouring our cross-border networks for investors with the optimal mix of strategic value and industry expertise. This will allow both the startup and the investors to maximize their future potential in terms of company growth and financial returns.

For SMEs, Globalcorp provides a host of corporate finance services, including but not limited to equity financing and M&A activities. For equity financing, Globalcorp taps upon its global network of investors to look for partners that will be provide strategic value for the company, in order to facilitate growth synergies. For M&A, Globalcorp will be able to help clients achieve maximal returns for the sale of their businesses. Globalcorp also provides acquisition services for companies looking to expand their operations.

Project Financing

Globalcorp is also able to develop and implement financial solutions for infrastructure and real estate projects. We work with world-class finance, design and engineering partners to provide bespoke solutions that suit the needs of our clients.

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